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Udruženje za zaštitu okoliša i unapređenje turizma – STEP (Society for Tourism and Environmental Protection) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that focuses on management, education, promotion and improvement in the environmental and tourism sectors. STEP was founded in 2017 by a group of students from the Faculty of Science in Sarajevo, with the basic goal of using the acquired knowledge for the purpose of development and improvement in the fields of environmental protection and tourism. Our primary goal is to contribute to the development of raising public awareness of the problem of environmental protection and all its consequences, which today are a global problem in the world, since without the intensive participation of local communities and individuals, there is no environmentally friendly development that depends on society. Also, through many years of work and experience in the field of environment and tourism, we focus on providing support and cooperation to the public sector, governmental and non-governmental organizations, private sector, academia and other educational institutions, all with the aim of cooperation and promotion and improvement. In addition to environmental protection, STEP is developing towards becoming one of the leaders in the field of tourism planning and sustainable tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Adnan Hodžić


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Belmin Malagić

Project Manager

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Kemal Hodžić

Project coordinator

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Sanel Barac

Project coordinator

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We believe tourism will be developed as an important and sustainable socio-economic sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a way that reflects natural and cultural heritage, tradition and hospitality.
To be the leading contributor to national tourism development goals and promote Bosnian culture by developing, advising, and regulating tourism sector; undertaking viable tourism projects and initiatives; and to promote natural and cultural at all levels

Core Values and Goals

Activities on promotion, improvement, and encouragement of sustainable use of tourist resources.
Sustainable management of current resources without compromising sustainability in future generations
Advocate the development and strengthening of social awareness of the importance of environmental protection.
Promote and implement conservation measures and improvement of natural resources and biodiversity.
Active involvement, education and animation of young people to act in the field of environmental protection and development
Increasing competitiveness, sustainable management of natural resources and balanced development of local and rural areas.

Where We’ve Steped

Step is based in BiH, Sarajevo. We collaborate with community partners such as schools, communities , social service organizations, and small and/or community-focused businesses to implement urban greening projects across the Portland metro region. We focus our work in areas that are underserved, where reduced pavement and increased access to greenspace will have a major positive impact on the community. Contact us if you’ve got an idea for a project.

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